Ed Hendry Portfolio
Graphic design, illustration, 3D, motion design



Some nice people have said some nice things

Beyond his technical skills in illustration and typography, Ed’s trademark is really his sensitivity in both understanding a brief and delivering nuanced outcomes. He listens well and works diligently to deliver work that feels personal and inspired, but is actually a result of great client communication and discipline in his approach. A great asset to a team looking for someone to bring a few surprises, without sacrificing rigour.
— James Lloyd, Lecturer, The University of Reading
During his time with Green Hat, Ed approached each project with professionalism and a sharp attention to detail. Tasked to created a three dimensional font for use in an internal comms for the University of Bristol IT department, Ed created a font that was both clever and flexible. Taking the brief and working as part of a team he delivered the working family of fonts, allowing us to achieve our desired result.
— Andy Degg, Creative Director, Green Hat Design
I have worked with Ed on two projects, the second of which was a yearlong festival requiring a strong and effective non-corporate identity, and sustaining ongoing interest. Ed understood both briefs very quickly, and my initial discussions with him brought out a range of interesting ideas which he presented clearly. He is a deeply thoughtful designer, carries out extensive research - rich veins with which he feeds his own ideas - and offers an initial range of potent strands. Subsequent discussions on which ideas to carry forward and how to develop them were always stimulating and enjoyable. My confidence that he would reliably and conscientiously come back with some extraordinary vision, beautifully executed, was never misplaced. I hope we will continue to work together in the future.
— Jennifer Leach, Director, Outrider Anthems (Client)